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I just completed 3 weeks of intensive french at Alliance Francaise. It’s been probably 20+ years since I last studied french (at AF in New York) and over 10 years since I visited France and used my French. I am at level where I can get by with  day to day stuff, can understand quite a lot, but have difficulty speaking (make many errors) and can’t easily have a deep discussion. I was extremely rusty, but the past 3 weeks have been very useful. Reviewed lots of the grammar and things are slowly coming back. Manage to spend the whole evening speaking mostly only french with local friends….

Class was 5 days a week from 1:30pm-5:30pm at AF in the Latin Quarter. 20 minutes on the metro from our Apartment.

I was joined in class by an eclectic and fun group of people with a wide range of nationalities: (Ecuador, Japan, Russia, Poland, Austria, USA, China, Iran,  Spain, Ukraine, Italy, Turkey), Ages (18-60+) and professions (Doctor, Au pair and priest to name a few). Everyone is eager to learn and we all spoke French to each other during breaks. Teachers (Tony and Miriem) are excellent with a great attitude and materials are also well thought out. The picture is from a student organized cheese  tasting last Friday after Class:

Next week I’ll start a Oral workshop twice a week and continue doing some self study on solidifying what we worked on in the past 3 weeks.

P.S – Jennifer is close to fluent in French (though she denies it ;-))


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