La Pachanga and Alex Salserito

Thanks to Ofer’s diligent scouring of all-things-Cuban-in-Paris, we discovered another fantastic spot for lessons with the added benefit of a roaring good party afterward.  And on a Monday night at that.  La Pachanga is located in the 14th and features Alex Salserito.  Alex presides over two hours of casino and suelta lessons (which start somewhere between 7 and 8) before he moves into the DJ box around 10 pm.  If you like the spaghetti arm moves, Alex is your man.  Great group of dancers here, very friendly and welcoming.  Women will especially enjoy the ratio of men to women (about 3:2), or lead to follow, as the case may be.  (I should say that the men here are also quite good follows.)  8 euros gets you entry to the club, dance lessons and a cocktail.  Coat check is another 2 euros.  Not too shabby!

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