Just for Laughs

“Every successful business partnership depends on the right relationship.”

A billboard we saw on the way out of Capetown’s airport. I believe it was a bank advert. Two men are on a golf course, one golfer, one caddie. One black, one white. Now who do you think the caddie was, the black dude or the white?

2 thoughts on “Just for Laughs

  1. I only realized today that we are NOT subscribed! Duh!! I just thought maybe you weren’t writing much. Now we’ll have to go back and look at everything up until now.

    Hope you guys are having a great time. We both miss you!

    Oh, by the way, The Department of Labor accepted our complaints that the BNSF disciplined us for reporting safety concerns rather than the trumped-up reasons they offered when they fired us. It’s an important step for us. It doesn’t mean OSHA agrees with our complaint but it does mean they believe there is enough evidence it could be true that they have assigned investigators. This is the first time anyone outside BNSF management will have an opportunity to review all the facts. That’s a step forward. More later.

    • Good news on the OSHA review. I hope it turns out to be just the wedge in the door you need.

      As I’m sure you know, South Africa’s worker unions are still quite active and strong. You may have followed some of the miner news? And while we were there fruit workers went on strike demanding a raise from 69 rand to 150. That’s about a whopping $8.75 PER DAY to just under $20 per day. Even in South Africa, $8.75 per day doesn’t support one person’s daily expenses, let alone a family of four. Well, word on the street and the papers is that the ANC didn’t exactly help matters so it’ll be interesting to see negotiations proceed.

      Having a great time in Africa. Dare I say that even you might suffer some “wilderness” to experience the people and the fun.

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