Made it to the top


Last night we went to bed aroundĀ  7pm and got up at midnight to go up to the top of mt meru (4,566 m/ 14,980 ft). We started from saddle hut (3,570 m) and climbed during full moon for about six hours. The scenery during the night was magnificent and then when descending we had magnificent views of meru crater and ashcone (I encourage you to search for images online).

We both had some symptoms of altitude sickness, but we just went slowly and with the help and encouragememt of our guides madeĀ  it to the top.

On the day two we got to talk to some of the other hikers. Two japanese women from the japanese embassy in cairo, a group of medical workers from minnesota volunteering in arusha and an intern at the imternational court for the genocide in rwanda ( court is located in arusha)


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