back from safari

So safari in swahili means journey. Of course now it means a particular type of journey.

We did a 7day camping trip accompanied by a ebeneze our driver-guide and julius – our cook (same guy from our volunteering week).

Two of the days were walking days in the Ngorogoro highlands with a massai guide. sweeping craters with grasslands with massai cattleĀ  and dotted with traditional mud huts.

The other days were game drives in the national parks. We saw lots of animals: zebra, giraffe, lion, elephant, gazelle and lots of beautiful birds. The highlights were the sheer numbers of wildebeasts in the serengeti plains during their seasonal migration and two cheetahs eating their kill.


we are flyint this afternoon to zanzibar.

2 thoughts on “back from safari

    • when we get to israel , we’ll be able to upload our africa pics from our cameras. till then only phone pics. however I already can say that I dont have good animal picrures as my tiny canon is not up to the task …

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