For Dog Fans – The Newfoundland

We asked a few locals, but they didn’t seem to know off the top of their heads – what were Newfoundlands bred for?   So, to Wikipedia we went.  Answer:  they were supreme work and rescue dogs for fisherman.  Newfoundlands are phenomenal swimmers with webbed toes and an oily coat to protect them from icy oceans.  Our puppy friend below is simply too cute for words.  More details about the Newfoundland dog and pictures of how large these doggies can get.Newfie Dog

3 thoughts on “For Dog Fans – The Newfoundland

  1. It is such fun to see (and read) you guys again as you adventure across another great landscape. My enjoyment (mixed with envy) is palpable. From seascapes with ancient rock formations, to starkly vs. ornately beautiful architecture, to sex-toy-toned Provincial Parks, to fluffy puppies, your reports are deeply satisfying. I thank you and can’t wait to catch up in person. Hugs to you two!!

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