Week3 – Adventures While Heading Home

After the climbing out of the Grand Canyon, we had a day to do laundry and recuperate in Flagstaff. we took the opportunity to visit Wupakti National Monument nearby. We enjoyed some ancient native pueblos during the sunset hour.

The following day we had a long drive from Flagstaff, AZ to Joshua Tree National park in CA. The time in the park was wonderful we got to camp two nights in developed campgrounds next to wonderful enormous boulders and one night in the backcountry were we were all alone with the giant Joshua trees.

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Palm Springs is only an hour away (but 20 degrees warmer !!) from the park so we hopped over for a drink with my friend Renee.

We were on the way for meeting Rinat (also for a drink), and decided to take a slightly longer drive through Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and peek at some giant trees.

We met Rinat at the Viansa Winery in Sonoma.  Scenery was beautiful and the wine tasty as well! My phone camera was in some rapid shot mode that  wish I could replicate as it created these amusing GIFs (double click the images to see the movement).

Our last stop before home was Crater Lake.

And 3 weeks and 4000 Miles:

It was dream trip  and now just about a month since we returned and the whole trip seems like a dream.

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