Pays Basque – France

A “new traditional” Basque home with back yard.

It takes a day or two, but the first thing one notices about the scenery all around Pays Basque is the absence of visual clutter – no neon, no billboards, no heaps of clunker cars or abandoned machinery.  It’s just not there.  Every blink is a postcard.

We loved the distinctive flavor of Basque country.  The architecture, the cheese, the wine and the people all take a hard turn from typical French culture.  Even with all of France’s distinctive regions, Pays Basque feels like a world of its own.

Traditional Basque architecture.



2 thoughts on “Pays Basque – France

  1. I would want to visit Pays Basque. Seems idyllic. I particularly like your description “every blink is like a postcard.” 🙂

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