Pays Basque – St. Jean de Luz

With Pascal. New Year’s 2010.

Thanks to our dear brother Pascal (merci notre frere!), we scored an ocean side studio while we waited to get into our Paris apartment.  Pascal connected us to Michel and Helene, who graciously let us use their vacation studio as a base while we explored the Pyrenees.  Mil eshker, Helene and Michel!!

Breakfast. Well, actually it’s brunch at 5:00.


3 thoughts on “Pays Basque – St. Jean de Luz

  1. How wonderful to see you two! Love reading your posts. I hope you don’t feel pressured to be profound every time you sit to post something. I think there are so many of us who envy your courage and creativity in this adventure that we will take any news no matter how small and insignificant and we will savor every morsel. We are hungry for more but will patiently wait for your musings to be served up in their own time. Hugs and best wishes, Melissa.

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