Coming Soon: The Butter Chronicles

I’ve been eating a lot of butter lately.  A lot of butter.  During breakfast one morning,  Ofer looked at the dime-sized piece of baguette in my hand.  Proportionately speaking, the butter that blocked view of the bread beneath made the piece of baguette look like a stray crumb that had fallen on a slab of butter.  He suggested that perhaps I had it backward – that the butter was not intended as a delivery device for the bread.

Really?  Says who?

So in homage to good butter (which I believe can only be found in France), I have planned a few tasty factoids about one of the simpler finer things in life.

To get readers in the mood, we’ll start with this handy video about butter making in Bretagne.  (Breton butter is my favorite butter.)  There aren’t subtitles for the French, but the fun part is in the visuals.  And if readers understand French, all the better.

Butter Video (begins after short ad)

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: The Butter Chronicles

  1. So I was nicknamed “Mademoiselle Tartinette” when I was staying in France as a Teenager craving butter with bread, yes in that order.

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