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As you may well know Google changes its logo to celebrate different events – the illustrations are known as Google Doodles.  What I didn’t know (though it makes perfect sense) is that they are  localized – i.e. France ( may have its own specialized doodle. Today’s celebrates the 200th Birthday of Paul Abadie – the architect of Sacré Cœur  in Monmarte.



2 thoughts on “Today’s’s Doodle

  1. How cool to see that! I stayed in the neighborhood on Rue Lepic when I visited last year. Such a lovely part of town, not touristy at all. have you checked out the bakery that has the longest lines because it won the best baguette award ??
    Enjoy the beurre!!

  2. We just walked down Rue Lepic yesterday – that’s on the other side of the Butte than us – we did see a line at one bakery on abesse – is that it ? we have our own local bakery that has long lines – I actually go to another close by that has a great bread called the Parisse made by a MOF (Meilleur Ovrier de France) which cannot be called baguette (as there is a standard) but its even better (if you can imagine that !!!).

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