Les Crottes

Dog turds abound on French pavements.  Many do not pick up after their dogs. So far I’ve only stepped in one (Though I have been saved by Jennifer  a few times….). We’ve seen them in Paris and other places we’ve visited. We’ve often seen notices about them. Here is one from Vitré:

Rough translation:

2nd message:

The owner of the big dog that dumped again today between 8:30 and 9:30. They should bring a bag and collect the droppings of their dog.

3 thoughts on “Les Crottes

  1. Translation please, although I think “crottes” is clear — turds, backyard trot treats, calling card, dog dirt, dog doo, dog logs, dog mess, doggy doolie, doggy sausage, droppings, dung, land mines, lawn sausage, manure, poodle paddies , presents, tootsie rolls . . . . but what does the rest of the sign say?

  2. There’s a little more sarcasm in that note: It says – “The owner of the big dog struck again! We thank him for equipping himself with a bag to pick up his dog’s excrement (shit)!!!”

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