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We are behind on posting. I have been working on a bread post that I *will* finish today !! we were in Toulouse a couple weeks ago for 5 days, and are headed for a a long weekend to London tomorrow. I am excited about going on the EuroStar – 2 1/4 hours to London !!!

Feeling that this is the end of our Paris stay – we leave at the end of the month and I have a feeling   haven’t really done much. We have also started spending time on planning the African part of the trip which is coming up.

On the culinary front,  I have tried making Breton Galettes de Sarrasin (buckwheat pancakes) a couple of times – not quite as good as in Bretagne – but not too shabby.

We washed the Crepes down with some Gaillac wine we purchased from Christophe (pic below), a chatty wine shop owner in Albi. The wine is made of Braucol grapes an old variety that is a relative of Cabernet Sauvignon – very nice.

Speaking of wine merchants, we stopped by a local shop yesterday and spent 30-40 minutes chatting with the owner – a very colorful guy. He opened some white wine – drank with us and offered more to other folks that walked into the shop that he chatted up. Talked about wine, cigarettes and smoking, Obama and sex.  His charm does work.. we left with 4 bottles 😉

We have two sets of friends coming next week  and the end of the month – so maybe they will drive us to be a bit more touristy and see some of the sights we still would like to see.


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