Feb 7 Barafu 4600m

We are at base camp!! Barafu means ice in swahili so we are expecting cold. It was sunny just moments ago. now we are in a cloud.

our day was short  today wake up at 7am with hot drink at tent. 7:30 get small bowl with washing water. 8am breakfast by when we need to be packed and hand over water bottles. leave around 9. today arrived at around 1300. we get lunch. other days acclimatization hike at 3ish for a acouple of hours (today no). around 4pm hot water for washy-wash  and then afternoom tea. 1830 dinner followed by next day briefing. in our tents by 8ish.

today is different we start our ascent around midnight so early dinner and short nap.

off to pre dinner nap.

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