feb 8 kilimanjaro uhuru peak 5895m 19340ft

We made it! our whole group summited. left camp midnight and made it back 11am.

we will go another 2 hours down to millenium camp later this afternoon.

The trip was difficult, but I think both of us were expecting worse. we experienced no altitude sickness, apart from feet being cold we were warm enough elsewhere (I wore 6 layers of clothes and weather was perfect)

It was quite a sight seeing a caravan of head lamps following the trail up. The stars were also magnificent.

We arrived at Stella Point for sunrise and then continued the extra 160m up to uhuru peak along a ridge. The glaciers have receded significantly since Jennifer climbed kili 13 years ago.

update: on our way down from base camp this afternoon, rain finally caught up with us – better after ascent than days leading to it 😉

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