Week1 – Getting to the Grand Canyon

Our plan for the first day was to take it easy, only 4ish hours of driving. We arrived at  Emigrant Springs State Park only to be surprised that the ground was covered with snow. It was an easy decision to sleep in the Highlander . We had prepared for sleeping in the car and had purchased a nice folding mattress which we could also use inside the tent. In short we were glamping!!










In Idaho we visited Minidoka Relocation Center,  A WWII internment camp for Japanese Americans. Jennifer knew of this place through a friend whose parents were interned there.

As we progressed we saw more snow.

In Utah at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge we enjoyed the bird songs on the 12  mile auto-tour.

Bird sounds:


Utah brought a variety of weather and scenery:

We spent two days in Bryce Canon which is spectacular at this time of year when the scenery is accented with snow:

Did I mention we were glamping – fine cuisine:

It was so cold that the olive oil became solid and leftovers froze:

Southwest Trip – March/April 2021

Three weeks, 4,000 miles, 6 States, 7 National parks, temperatures ranging from the 20s to the 90’s  – what’s not to like?

The main goal was to get to hike the bottom of the Grand Canyon which we acheived, everything else was an extra – but we got lots of extras: met family and friends, all while staying Covid-19 safe – primarily camping.

I’ll split the trip and photos to into three, as the adventures were many.